Sunday, January 03, 2010

Red Salamander Zaluga

Search terms by which people have been arriving at my blog — documented for the first time this new year!
(Still a number one hit!)
(Possibly not a funny joke.)
(How to play the game with Larry David? Or how to pantomime Larry David in the chance that you participate in the game alongside people who should not have contributed suggestions?)
(And apparently the dumbest people with internet access are still trying to understand the most basic plot points from Paranormal Activity. Cute, that.)
(New, trendy-type puggles? Or old, unlovable-type puggles?)
(The person who looks online to find out how to make a Designing Women Mii is either one of the best people the world or the worst. No middle ground here.)
(Bonus points for Freudian slip typo.)
(I caught you, number-phobic English major trying to graduate with the least number of math-based classes possible.)
(I knew I was not the only person to hear the Goonies theme lyrics this way.)
(My site comes up second for this, at least on my Google. I find this surprising, but no more so than I do that the number one hit is a Muslim matchmaking site.)
(Equally baffled on this one as to (a) why Katherine Heigl would hold an iguana, (b) why my site came up for this, and (c) why anyone is trying to find information online about Katherine Heigl holding an iguana. As for (c), I would guess that it has something to do with Grey's Anatomy slash fiction.)
(Based on your spelling of recognize, I imagine that it could result from the difference between British and American people refer to the band in question.)
(Persian. I think.)
(Hope this one works out for you, Google user in Qatar!)
Happy 2010, people who cannot use Google effectively!

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  1. Based on my limited recognition of Chinese characters, it seems like you've been spammed by someone or something having to do with liquor shops. Granted, none of the links seem to have anything to do with alcohol, so the mystery deepens. Maybe you'll become a big hit on Google China?