Friday, January 08, 2010

My Memory’s Maze

Links of note, 2010-style! (This link round-up includes a preponderance of clips, both embedded and linked. That does not mean that either 2010 or 2010 link dump posts will be especially video clip-heavy. But I might mean that. I don’t know. Stop pressuring me.)

James Wolcott fake-reviews It’s Complicated in a funny little post titled “Santa Barbarism,” in which he reimagines the film as Straw Dogs for no apparent reason. Funny, but mostly because it reminded me of my own attempts to convince people that It’s Complicated should be avoided on account of it featuring frontal nudity, gratuitous sex, and a third-act three-way between Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. (Also in my reimagination of this movie, Steve Martin is given something to do.)

Via Cool Girl Katie: One of the best corrections run in a publication ever. (Move eyes to the right to see correction without clicking through.)

What does one gaming geek list among the reasons why Mega Man 6 is among the best of the Mega Mans? Unapologetic racism. And he’s right — not on it being a virtue, but it existing in this particular title.

A detailed little study on the existence of trans characters in video games that happens to focus on everyone’s little gender-bucking dinosaur: Birdo.

Every day is not, in fact, better than before. Proof: The opening credits to the ill-fated Lucille Ball sitcom Life With Lucy, which features the title character wearing sad clown make-up and appearing alongside a very young Jenny Lewis. This is probably why the former died and the latter ended up so jaded. Watch for yourself:

The original ending to The Birds. (Some may be surprised to learn that it’s better than the ending Hitchcock committed to film.)

A parody — Lady Gaga’s Christmas album. Is an entertainment for you:

J.D. Salinger’s letter to a movie executive explaining why he’d rather not see Catcher in the Rye developed into a film.

Presenting the strawberry crab.

Things the Huffington Post told me that I could have guessed: “Newspaper Reporter Ranks Poorly in Career Ranking.”

Video: The Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman-inspired disco track that time would like to forget but bloggers refuse to let go.

“The Whitest People You Know” : an amazing thing that both matches awkward choreography to “Land of a Thousand Dances” and teaches me (and possibly you) about Scopitone, a forerunner to the music video.

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