Monday, January 04, 2010

Mother Hubbard Lined with Hudson Bay Rat

The most-read Back of the Cereal Box that went up in 2009 :
  1. “It’s a Secret to Everybody”
  2. “Retrospectacle”
  3. “The Shape of Music”
  4. “The Larcenous Interjection”
  5. “Amazing Sasquatch / Your Powers Are Many”
  6. “Brazen Bull Benefiting From Bowdlerization”
  7. “Samurai in Chief”
  8. “Those Olden Days of Video Game Sexism”
  9. “Google Books Is Not Robots!”
  10. “Demon Boyfriend: My Take on Paranormal Activity
In the interest of full disclosure as well as bragging, I should point out that “It’s a Secret to Everybody” won by a mile: Google Analytics said that it received 209,180 unique page views in 2009, while the runner-up, “Retrospectacle,” received only 1,896.

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