Friday, December 18, 2009

The Heart of Christmas Spirit

I follow this TV blog, The Live Feed, which occasionally breaks news about shows I watch. Today, however, they have a post featuring the CW network’s “OMG Moment of the Year,” and I, lacking anything better to do, decided to see what that could be. I mean, it’s the CW, so the options are limited — Tyra Banks deciding to host an entire episode of America’s Next Top Model in an angry baby voice? The new Melrose Place drowning the entire cast in the swimming pool? Anyone realizing that Smallville is somehow still on?

The OMG Moment of the Year comes from none of these shows, however, but instead one I have never watched: One Tree Hill. Questionable source notwithstanding, I was pretty impressed.

Holy shit, right? Is this what every episode is like? Why doesn’t someone stop that awful dog who eats human hearts? And were they able to get the heart back?