Friday, December 04, 2009

6AY4EVR — Or, What Is This License Plate Trying to Say?

Via my brother, I received this snapshot my sister-in-law took of a curious license plate. So what, exactly, is this acting of vanity trying to tell us?

I’m not sure where April took the picture, but let’s presume that it was a place where Spanish would be widely spoken and understood. A Spanish-speaking might read this as por un corazon, which would translate as “for a heart” but for all I know would be understood as something like “for my sweetheart.”

But I’m an English-speaker, so I initially read the plate like it was trying to say something in my language. My first guess: a strangely represented version of poor unloved, which would be the worst vanity plate ever.

Then it hits me: It’s actually obvious. This vanity plate says porn love, just with the first word given a folksy semisyllable — as in the last word in “It’s Shake and Bake, an’ I hayulpt.”

Right? That’s it, right?


  1. I am a native Spanish speaker and I totally read porn. I think it has more to do with how heavy is your internet usage. The internet being for porn and all.

  2. Yup, the first thing I thought of was a variation of the word porn. What is the world coming to?

  3. poor unloved is what i saw.
    I mean, it is PT cruiser.

  4. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Ha ha. Gay fever.

  5. Steve: Good one. I neglected to notice that the make and model of the car meant that it could be neither porny nor lovable.

  6. Anonymous7:46 PM

    "Por un amor" is a famous Mariachi ballad Linda Rondstadt covered. If you are a mexican you know this song.