Tuesday, December 22, 2009

(2,000) Additional Days of Things

How I entertained myself during a moderately stressful afternoon of Christmas shopping and parking lot-navigating:
  • 500 Days of Slumber, starring Cozy Deflannelle and Snoozeph Nodoff Napitt
  • 500 Days of Slobber, starring Drooley Deslobelle and Jospit Globbed-on Salivitt
  • 500 Days of Mumblers, starring Zooshmininry Desmininnmnelle and Joslemph Gordumnnun Leshminitt
  • 500 Days of Flubber, starring Gooey Deslimelle and Josdrip Gorblob Bloviatte
Clearly, I missed my true calling: writing movie parodies for Mad magazine.