Monday, November 09, 2009

Titles for Ten Movies That Sound More Interesting Than Ninja Assassin

You see, because Ninja Assassin isn’t technically redundant, but it sure seems like it should be.

1. Ninja Doctor

2. Ninja Secretary

3. Ninja Plumber

4. Ninja Pastry Chef

5. Ninja Crossing Guard

6. Ninja Prime Minister

7. Ninja Surrogate Mother

8. Ninja President of the P.T.A.

9. Ninja Competitive Ballroom Dancer

10. Ninja Conductor of the London Philharmonic

I would have put Ninja Schoolgirl on the list, but Japan already makes about thirty versions of this movie a year.


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Ninja Doctor? Don't you mean Doctor McNinja?

  2. Oh shit. Does he already have a movie?

  3. Ninja Ice Cream Man?

  4. Ninja Pastry Chef actually sounds awesome.

    What about Ninja Cornish Pasty Chef?

  5. There might not be Ninja Pastry Chef, but there is The God of Cookery, and that's almost as good.

  6. You mean "Ninja Pastry Chef" wasn't an old Saturday Night Live bit starring John Belushi?