Friday, November 13, 2009

Missy Aggravation

After some delay, another update of what people have been Googling to arrive at this blog.
For one, the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. For another, that belt choke sex thing. But if the Google searcher was looking for the legislature type of bill, then I have to say that I can't remember my AP U.S. Government class.
What you said.
Number one hit!
I assume they meant Turkey the country and not turkey the bird. But I wish it was the bird. I would watch that pageant.
Like, all of them?
No. Not at all.
And then there are the search hits related to Paranormal Activity.
Previous search result updates.


  1. Sally Jesse AND Raphael? It's a team-up between a trashy talk show host and a Renaissance artist! Or possibly a Ninja Turtle.

  2. Had that been the the plan for the show, I'm sure she'd still be on TV today. Whatever happened to ol' Sally Jesse Raphael, anyway?