Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Think You’ve Got the Knack

Okay, so Inland Empire was borderline unwatchable. A good movie, yes, but a borderline unwatchable one. Regardless, it had its moments, and I was recently reminded of one of them when I found the following clip of it on YouTube. Watch it while you can — but maybe do so in a place other than your office, as it contains nudity.

Nonsensical, awkwardly sexy, and overall kind of creepy. In short, appropriately Lynchy. I have a theory that many of Laura Dern’s facial expressions in Inland Empire are meant to mimic those of an utterly confounded audience. Thoughts?

“The Loco-Motion,” previously on this blog:


  1. Even by Lynch's standards it was very experimental and challenging. On the big screen it impressed me a lot; less so on DVD, but that was probably at least partly to do with the decrease in novelty, and my mood at the time. I still think it's very good, and sometimes brilliant, but parts of it are dull or indulgent or both. Lynch's interest in the history and structure of films always adds layers to his work, but even when he latches onto a coherent story he sometimes seems too inclined to obey his impulses. Dern was amazing and deserved an award.

  2. I agree with the "unwatchable," but not with the "good" part. I hated this movie.