Monday, November 23, 2009

The Blossoms of a Million Pink Trees

Be thankful for the following list of links of note. Happy Monday.

From Wired: ten gaping plot holes in geeky movies. Most of these aren’t quite my cup of tea, but the article does point out a significant problem with the plot of Gremlins: “If you can’t feed them after midnight, at what point during the day does it cease to be after midnight so you can feed them again? For that matter, how does the mogwai know what time zone it’s in?”

Steampunk Duck Hunt, essentially.

From Kottke: the coolest flag ever. It’s below. And it belonged to the bygone Benin Empire.

From Neology: the “Buffalo buffalo buffalo”-style humor inherent in the fact that the taxonomic name for the Western Lowland Gorilla is Gorilla gorilla gorilla. (Also: what I’m talking about with the buffalos.)

From Topless Robot: five genuinely worthwhile female versions of male superheroes.

From Slate: the strangeness of excluding off-color words from the dictionary.

From Tokyo Times: Japanese scarecrows, the sinister nature of which is fairly debatable, or so says me.

From National Geographic: The Spanish ribbed newt defends itself by slashing through its skin with its own sharp ribs, which then function like defense spines.

From Kotaku: why Capcom decided to put a Korean fighter in the upgrade to Street Fighter IV after years of never having one. (Why they decided to make this fighter an evil dragon lady stereotype, however, remains unanswered.)

Form IGN: Shigeru Miyamoto explains that Peach isn’t playable in New Super Mario Bros. Wii because she wears a skirt and skirts are hard.

From Dealbreaker: the differences between that super cute, quirky girl from that movie and her real-life counterpart.

From Eye on Springfield: “Oh no, my brains.”

From Bradshaw of the Future: the etymological connection between onion and union.

From Geeks of Doom: Why the universally despised Batman & Robin may be the most important comic book movie adaptation of all time.

From languagehat: the increasing prevalence of is is and was is, as in “The thing is is that…” and other such constructions.

From The Retroist: a clip from The Brady Bunch Variety Hour in which Greg, Marcia and Not the Jan sing “Southern Nights” on a creepy, monster movie swamp set. Because I think you need to see it.

And, finally, from fourfour: a clip from the Bollywood remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Yes, you read that correctly.

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  1. Something I learned from Wikipedia: Episode 2 of the Brady Bunch Variety Hour featured a performance by Kaptain Kool and the Kongs. Now I'm guessing that you wish you had that puzzle to build while you're watching Southern Nights!

  2. I sort of do. Also: Wow, can't believe you remembered that. I almost don't remember it.