Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Pretty Name No Matter How Your Pronounce It

What is it about using the letter “Z” to denote plurals that makes anything seem so much trashier? I honestly hope that if she doesn’t already give her last name as “LOOTZ” then she will soon start. This is why it’s helpful to allow email users to pick their own addresses rather than assigning them according to one single formula.

From Sanam, from the Colorado State University website. What’s not helping: the fact that Professor Lutz looks just a little like Padma Lakshmi on a bad day.

Also: previous entries in the “Ha Ha — This Person’s Name” series.


  1. Jilly Jill's Party Express4:04 PM

    Oh my god, this poor woman. Reminds me of my friend Graham Reed whose email address is GReed@...

  2. I had a teacher whose name showed up as DRail. Which was also wierd because he went by Wayne, but I guess I think it was because his full name was "De Wayne Rail."

    Fun blog, though I don't remember how I found it.
    Well, Squadalah, I'm off!