Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Olga Fetchit

How have people found this blog lately? Well, let me show you how:
  1. why do bananas no longer appear on cereal boxes?
  2. goonies are good enough doesn't mention goonies in song
  3. has america ever had a different name?
  4. i'm from a video game. i can fly but don't have wings and i'm an "animal" according to the game i'm from, but i don't look like something you'd see often, even in tv, anime, or video games.
  5. do they sell cereal at mcdonalds
  6. fat man eating waffles
  7. "dina pants"
  8. chu chu chu mari mari mari lalala rero rero(post hardcore)
  9. what is the best way to unclog a tub full of standing blackwater
  10. ever buy snakes from an egyptian?
  11. the mercenary lover; or, the unfortunate heiresses
  12. notable contributions of horse hair fungus
  13. cinnamaroll means
  14. david cerullo is a greedy son of a bitch!
  15. old cereal mascot with a tomato head and helicopter wings
  16. there is ongoing discussion about the origins of its name
  17. how beluga avoid the enemy
  18. andre braugher freebird song download
  19. brian griffin is birdo from mario
  20. as time wore on you drew a debt ridden drunken mess
  21. "i believe in halloween" tattoo


  1. Trawling through the search results that lead to one's blog can be tremendous fun. Your selections are always an odd and eclectic grab-bag!

  2. My answers to a few of these questions:

    1. Trade sanctions against Ecuador
    3. Yes, it was called "Bonerland."
    9. Give them some more bribes.
    10. No, just an Algerian.
    19. I'd like to see that.