Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yet another installment of the ongoing saga of how people found this blog.
  1. it is true that lady gaga has an same sex?
  2. faster than the speed of love
  3. amsterdam breakfast
  4. does darrell hammond have a "wooden finger"
  5. why germany has different name in every language
  6. "anyway i have know idea if you remember the conversation we had about cereal. and i talked about the one in the yellow box and it's mascot was purple dinosaur and i think you agreed with me and nobody else remembered. if you have no idea what i"m talking about disreguard this but if you know what i'm babbling about the cereal is called cruncheroo's."
  7. "1998 hasbro electronic talking i choose you pikachu instructions"
  8. mario vs donkey kong sexy woman
  9. mario vs sonic vs luigi vs boxmario
  10. the decline of the cereal box
  11. video game characters named after rock members
  12. character holds a broom fighting game
  13. "japanese badger"+funny little animal+song
  14. "1981 video game film documenting the rivalry between billy mitchell and steve wiebe"
  15. "this is not a license" goopy
  16. a handsome guy driving a car
  17. rotten grapefruit smell
  18. seth's probably playing a stupid video game, about like.. pirates.. or like.. ninja's
  19. atticus sahasrahla
  20. box of cereal with snake on it
  21. is lola spanish for laura
  22. "@hersheys.com email


  1. So weird...how do you find these?

  2. Aww... No comments this time?

    I guess these referals can be found using google analytics or some similar service

  3. Box Mario? Is he Mario's hobo cousin who lives in a boxcar?