Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rex Stetson

People continue to search for things online and end up at my blog. I think we should laugh at them.
  1. eyepath underwear
  2. what is the name of the song that shirley temple sings that goes bunnies and rabbits
  3. thingamabob gobbledygook
  4. "peacocks" switzerland +blogspot
  5. rip gross neck race
  6. all sonic characters in human form
  7. angry video game nerd sexist
  8. cereal names not used
  9. difference between ravel and unravel
  10. etymology boo to kill a mockingbird
  11. "has nintendo trademarked/copyrighted characters, names, etc bubble man character"
  12. headline "can you spot the difference" horse camilla parker bowles
  13. i think it's an evolution of social and cultural stereotypes that suggest only nerds and geeks play computer games. the reality is that nowadays everyone is playing video games. lotus 2008
  14. cereals with christian names
  15. jane seymour goofy
  16. peter griffin becomes a jehovah witness
  17. racecars lasers
  18. apples to apples nerd version
  19. cats dressed up as bugs
  20. why is pickled herring called solomon grundy?
  21. "never mention" arrested development quotes
  22. i am eggman yes i'm the real eggman all you other robotnicks aren't as fat as i am


  1. Switchblade Sisters is an exploitation movie from the seventies whereas the Scissor Sisters is an American band.

    You owe me a drink, buddy. If you come to Worcester, UK, tell me and we'll have some more drinks.


  2. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Pillow Talk!