Sunday, September 20, 2009

Request to Embrace the Cozy Sac

Ever since the “It’s a Secret to Everybody” post went up, this blog has been enjoying an increased level of popularity. This is both a good a bad thing. On one hand, new people arrive here and leave comments not only on the popular post itself but also on older stuff. On the other, I get a lot of garbage email now — most recently from what would appear to be an automated request for a link exchange from the website The Cozy Sac. It’s not porn, but the URL and website name alone were enough to trigger my suspicion.


Dear website, thanks for the opportunity to ally my website with another that offers people a chance to order beanbags of varying sizes — or, to use the site’s terminology, cozy sacs measuring between three and seven inches.

Remember, if you want the most comfortable place to sit, ask for a cozy sac!

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