Friday, September 04, 2009

Just a Little Person / One Person in a Sea / of Many Little People

I must admit that I’m bummed by the news being reported today on HuffPo about the new season of Saturday Night Live: Apparently Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins got canned. I’m not really surprised. Having watched SNL for so long, I’m aware that a castmember’s days are numbered when he or she gets so little screen time. However, the show has had exceptional luck with female castmembers since the days of the Molly Shannon-Cheri Oteri-Ana Gasteyer trifecta, and I guess I was rooting for Wilson and Watkins, who, now that I list their names like that, should become a comedy duo or law partners or detectives. Perhaps if Kristen Wiig had not been in every goddamn sketch this past season, other players might have had a chance to shine — and perhaps I wouldn’t like Wiig so much less now.

In tribute to Wilson, I’m posting a Funny or Die video of her reading online comments about her, including one that likens to her to Patton Oswalt if he ate a couch.

Michaela Watkins is good too, but I didn’t have a Funny or Die video of her handy. So there’s that.

Also, I read somewhere online that Kristen Wiig once burned a bus full of cripple-orphans and will kick you in your teeth if you make eye contact with her. And she’s actually just bugs in a ladysuit. And she smells like bugs. Has anyone else heard that?

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  1. Ha! AND...eww about bugs in a lady Boogey? Gross.