Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Candyland Melted Down to Syrup

Links of note. Happy Tuesday.

For no apparent reason that anyone can understand, the website vegemite.com forbids you and me and everyone else with an internet connection from linking to it.

The twenty best PSAs of the last thirty years.

The Simpsons get restyled in honor of their premiere in Angola. (Just in this one press image, however. I doubt Fox redid every single episode with an Angolan veneer.)

The ten most schadenfreudtastic horror movie deaths, with little Veruca Salt's trip down the bad egg chute appearing as number three.

A quiz: band name or font?

Ten things that True Blood stole from Buffy — including but not limited to the big bad, the site of the season-ending showdown, and the presence of a teenage ward.

Which body parts do different musical genres emphasize?
(Not safe for work, mostly because of hip hop.)

The trailer for the new Lard Von Trier movie, Antichrist, is horrifically disturbing — and also not filmed on a soundstage.

Delicious, refreshing floor: Mad Men's Patio was real.

Covered: a blog showcasing artists re-envisioning of famous comic book covers.

Food in Real Life: how food is depicted in packaging versus how it looks when it's sitting on a plate.

A dictionary of Variety's slanguage
. (And when can I work for a publication that is known for making up its own words?)

And, courtesy of fourfour, finally, an amazing video clip of an early 90s stranger danger video that features some bad acting and some honest-to-god creepiness.

I think the one that gets me most is "If you tell anyone... about our little secret... I'll kill your dog." What a gig that must have been.


  1. Though I wouldn't trust most of those strangers, the lady with the Game Boy is rather tempting. Hooray for '90s acting!

  2. Agreed on her being the least skeezy of the bunch. I wonder if they cast her in an effort to teach kids that strangers need not be scary looking.