Monday, August 03, 2009

The Third Flower Is Yellow

Links of note:

Duke University pops up an awesome collection of TV commercials from the 1950s through the 1980s. (Via Jezebel, via Spence.)

Mario contemplates suicide.

Kami blogs now! Hi, Kami!

Also blogging: Tom Oatmeal, whom I do not know.

On triple knowledge: The Christian implications of knowing that you know that you know.

A British woman reunites with her missing cats after it wanders into the background of a live broadcast of a political roundtable show on BBC.

Also from the Brits: A Bristol zookeeper gets as close as you probably can to fulfilling my dream of adopting my own Kevin from Up.

And one final British animal story, equally bird-related though far sadder: A pair of flamingo chicks at the London Zoo are apparently terrified of the color pink.

Comedian Brian Lynch notes the curious similarities between 30 Rock and The Muppet Show. (Via Square Eyes.), your new favorite thing ever.

Millie Miller’s book report on Little Women.

The Wikipedia entry for Gropecunt Lane. (Via Dina.)

Beware Party Cat.

The worst ending might also be the greatest.

How many people has James Bond killed? And which of the James Bonds is responsible for the greatest loss of life?

A few words in favor of the often under-appreciated Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. (Via Stale Popcorn.)

Metal Floss offers nine TV appearances of major stars before they made it big, perhaps most notable for offering us the oddity of Quentin Tarantino appearing as an Elvis impersonator on The Golden Girls

A good, two-part essay on how the gradual decline in quality of Disney’s animated movies could result from the fact that they now lack the genuinely scary, existentially disturbing cores that the early ones had.

And, finally, the quick brown fox... and so forth.


  1. Hi Drew! Thanks for the plug. xo

  2. AMAZING STUFF! Party Cat is the best comic ever. And Tom Oatmeal? Fantastic.