Friday, August 07, 2009

Saving Grace’s Fatal Flaw

Between you and me, I lost any interest in watching the TNT drama Saving Grace the moment I found out that the main character is actually named Grace. The participation of Holly Hunter and Laura San Giacomo is not enough to outweigh that sin. This is kind of like finding out the Kyra Sedgwick character on The Closer is named Samantha Closer.


  1. Avoid Battlestar Galactica like it's on fire, dude.

  2. So it has a character named Sarah Galactica?

  3. in Grace Under Fire there was a Grace as well, a Grace Kelly no less

  4. spence8:51 AM

    this totally explains why you don't care for Grace Anatomy.

  5. "Closer" is actually her middle name. But it's pronounced [khlo-zer], so it's not as embarrassing.

    And I'm not entirely sure why we're supposed to avoid Battlestar Galactica? Is that supposed to be a joke? Because it's not very funny. It's an amazing show and I'd be willing to fight anyone who says different!

    Not really. But it is actually a really good show...and there isn't anyone named Battlestar, nor Galactica on it.