Monday, August 17, 2009

Mattress and Box Spring, Used — $40 or Best Offer

What follows is a list of reactions to the twin-sized mattress and box spring that I sold today on Craigslist. They begin with real reactions and then segue into fictional ones. See if you can guess where the switch happens.
“It’s not exactly what I had in mind. I guess I was picturing something nicer than I’d find on Craigslist.”

“It’s thinner that I thought it would be. Less cushy.”

“It looks like it got a little dusty from being here next to this dirty window.”

“Well, that certainly is a stain. Should I even ask where this came from?”

“It’s a little sunken in in the middle. And you say it wasn’t used that much? Was it a big guy who was using this?

“I hope you don’t think people will pay for that couch, too.”

“It certainly seems like you have enough stuff in this house. I’d probably be doing you a favor just by taking this off your hands.”

“I almost think you would have been better of just posting it as free.”

“We’re only buying this because my husband’s niece has to move in with us.”

“You certainly do see all kinds when you buy stuff through Craiglist.”

“It… kind of smells like you filled it with leftover Indian food. Did you? Is this mattress, in fact, filled with rotten Indian food? Because that would explain a lot.”
In the end, by the way, she paid twenty bucks for it, in spite of everything.

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  1. Hm...the transition seems to never have happened at all.