Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Marvelous Tree of Mirth

And now we play the search result game. YOU MUST PLAY!
  1. I would guess that it is not toe-AD.
  2. This makes ponder the notion of Birdo being the next featured star of the American Girl book series. And that would be a tremendous day, it would.
  3. Bethatasitmay...
  4. That is no. No.
  5. That is also no. Ew.
  6. That would be the verbal wonder that is petrichor.
  7. The answer is that the paragraph is oddly lacking the most common letter of the English alphabet. That is an easy one. Why this search term leads to my blog, however, is a baffler.
  8. This shall be my street address one day.
  9. Once more: This is an ew.
  10. Excuse me, Mr. Internet, sir?


  1. For Toad's Japanese name pronunciation, I'd say "toodo" (トード). Although, Toad is know as Kinopio (キノピオ) in Japan...

  2. That's the oddest thing ever. I believe there was a shop in Super Mario RPG that was Kinopio's shop...