Friday, July 17, 2009

You Never Can Tell

Does it strike anyone else as strange that the cast of Pulp Fiction includes Julia Sweeney, Phil LaMarr and Kathy Griffin?


  1. Wasn't Julia Sweeney dating QT at the time? Or maybe that was Margret Cho...I know that QT was involved with her stage show, "God said Ha!"

  2. I forget--did Tarantino play "God" or "Ha"?

  3. I've also heard that Tarantino and Sweeney were dating at the time. He seems to have a thing for female comedians, as he did date Cho and Griffin appears in not only Pulp Fiction but the Tarantino segment of Four Rooms as well. It may also be worth noting that Karen Murayama, an improv comic who's probably best known from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, also appears in Pulp Fiction. I feel like Tarantino's other movies aren't so stocked with comedians.