Thursday, July 16, 2009

Super Evening Wear Detectives

While cleaning out my Google Bookmarks folder, I noticed a plethora of Wikipedia pages that I had decided to save for later. That later never really came, and now the little yellow stars in the toolbar are becoming sad white ones. But I thought I’d make a note of these pages on the blog, possibly because you all might be amused by them. I’ve separated them into two lists: ones for which the initial appeal is obvious and ones that I can’t remember ever taking note of, one way or the other.

Of interest, perhaps:
Of questionable value:
Perhaps some of you may have some idea why I had any reason to look at the “of questionable value” bookmarks. I sure don’t. Fun lot though.


  1. Wikipedia's wrong, the origin of "abracadabra" is unknown. Altho it might be from Semitic, evidence is lacking

  2. Onomatopoeic words describe sounds, but not all of those Japanese words describe sounds. The more general term is ideophone.

  3. It's nice to see that someone else "appreciates" "The Room." For even more enjoyment, watch it with the rifftrax commentary.

  4. You've been randomly bookmarking my youth. First, I owned and loved John G. Fuller's book "The Ghost of Flight 401" when a kid. And not only is "Rollercoaster" one of the few films made in Sensurround, I saw it on a family vacation in Wildwood, NJ, or down the shore, as we'd say.

  5. Oh, it seems you favorited the Talespin page : that's nice, I'm a fan of the show :)
    Actually if you want to learn more, you can check this page, where the two creators of the series are answering to many questions :

    Talespin questions / interviews