Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sue Laroche-Van der Hout

Recent ways people have found my blog:
And selected notes:
  1. Number one hit!
  2. The answer, as I noted here, is Chrono Trigger, though I should probably note that that last one is a truncated version of the band Red Hot Chili peppers, not some other band called Red Ho, amazing though that would be.
  3. Number one hit!
  4. I assume they meant to search lisa ling blog, but I like this one better.
  5. I had originally guessed that it was Ms. Pac-Man, but this guy seems to think the first is some mostly forgotten character from a game titled Tongue of the Fat Man.
  6. I feel like this person actually meant Calca and Brina, though Brian is also a very nice name for a robotic child.


  1. I get a lot of hits at my blog for "ertl factory outlet" and "ray charles is god."

  2. I won't even start on the strange searches I get on my blog. Mostly sexual ones. It creepy. I personally want to know who comes to my blog at least every other day via an old digg link to my post on videogame fetish pictures. That dude has a problem.

  3. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Just found your blog and share your love of words - and your name. Sue Van Der Hout