Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Purty Little Lady With the Real Purty Song

So there’s a new video out for my favorite Jenny Lewis song, “Fernando.” You may remember a previous post I wrote on this very song. (According to the search results that post has drawn, the popular opinion is that Mr. Fernando is a drug dealer, not Lewis’s teddy bear from the episode of Golden Girls she appeared in.) This new video is the best one Lewis has put out in a while, and it reminded me that I had wanted to ask my loyal readers to decide whether Lewis or Lily Allen does faux hipster country better.

First, Lewis’s “Rise Up With Fists,” which probably features the better of the two songs featured in this post but the video for which apes Hee-Haw instead of any more high-minded bit of country fried nostalgia.

And then there’s Allen’s video for “Not Fair,” which incorporates more country western elements and which actually splices in a clip from The Porter Wagoner Show. So props to her for that.

So then, who did it better, in your opinion?


  1. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Jenny has the better song. Lily has the better video. And outfit.

  2. Jenny's song is better, but Lily's is more country-ish, and the novelty of someone singing country-inspired music with a British accent is novel enough to win Lily some points. As for the videos, it kind of looks like Lily did essentially the same thing on a higher budget.

  3. I agree. Lily wins, the presence of Sarah Silverman in Jenny's video notwithstanding.