Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Halloween in July

Another fine example of the strange, ill-timed, and poorly thought-out emails I get at work. The following, which showed up in my inbox — as well as other news editors, I’m sure — not last October but yesterday:

Points of interest:
  • The dead link instructing the recipient to upload a photo of the sender.
  • The reference to children as “little goblins.”
  • The following hint to parent-child pairs: “You scrape the guts; they pull out the guts,” which sounds creepy even in the context of jack-o-lanterns.
  • The possible insinuation that parent and child should be squeezing into the same, single costume.
  • The fact that “A little face paint vs. a mask for your toddlers” is more of a quandary than an actual hint.
  • The notion of taking advice from someone whose name sort of means “Mr. Bad Idea.” It’s Don’t Do What Donny Don’t Does all over again.
Have a safe July, everybody!

UPDATE: Oh my god. I found that the “upload photo” link actually leads to an image of Mr. Bad Idea himself. He is terrifying. He has also clearly been colored in with magic marker. Oh my god. Oh my god. See for yourself, though you will have to delete some protective URL gobbledygook after you click.
UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Or just check it out here. Doy.


  1. Doesn't the idea that you would have your candy x-rayed seem a bit excessive?

  2. I always take candy to the airport for an x-ray--you never know when al Qaida might be hiding out as the secret fourth musketeer.

  3. So, next month is Christmas then?

  4. Candy safety instructions always seem ridiculous to me. There's only one reported incident in the US of someone maliciously placing objects in candy.