Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Ghosts of Garden Street

I could say little to better introduce the following news article other than to note that it is a report that ran in the May 19, 1888, edition of the L.A. Times about repeated ghost sightings fairly close to where I live now. The report was drawn from an incarnation of the Santa Barbara Independent, which happens to be the name of the paper for which I now work.

Not sure what to love more — the concluding sentence, the overall dumbness of the whole article or the fact that in spite of this dumbness the author still pointedly noted that the alleged street corner haunting could be a profitable tourist draw. I feel that if anyone at my paper is ever accused of writing something that does not measure up to the journalistic standards mandated by the Independent’s history, they need only to recall this article.

Ghosts, previously:


  1. Thank you for bringing this into my life. Last sentence FTW.

  2. I love where it says real live ghosts... almost had me cracking up in class.

  3. Anonymous8:35 AM

    The whole discussion of the profitability of ghosts makes me wonder if this previous version of the Independent was really more like an early incarnation of the Business Times, always finding the business angle in everything. Man, now I wish I was an old-timey newspaper lady just so I could have written that entire final graf. I think the part about "no well behaved ghost would appear before midnight" might be my favorite thing ever. --Stevi