Monday, June 29, 2009

Vanilla Umbrella

A Monday explosion of links.

Four-letter measurements that have fallen by the wayside: bind, bing, fatt, flyk, shid, swod and unch, among others.

Is than an emoticon in 1862?

The surreally twisted Quimby the Mouse — or the adventure of a old-timey cartoon and his friend, a crying disembodied head.

Vacant and pretty: an abstract, rentable house in Joshua Tree.

The 22 worst movie sequels of all time, as decided by James Gunn’s Twitter followers.

Ten people who gave their name to food.

The 50 worst video game names of all time — that is, the actual titles of the games themselves, as opposed to anything I’ve written previously.

The blog Everything Turquoise, which features just that. (Via Missy.)

Eight-bit fatalities. (Via Noam, via Dina.)

Where Mini Sirloin Burgers come from.

Hannah on why little kids singing along to Lady Gaga is okay, creepiness aside. (Via Jezebel.)

Judge rules that a reasonable consumer would know that crunchberries are not real.

Pug Fight.

A bit on the meaning of the ampersand — as in the difference between cheese and onion chili and cheese & onion chili.

The wonderful city of Eighty-Eight, Kentucky, which celebrated August 8, 1988 to national acclaim. (An attempt at a sequel celebration in 2008 was overshadowed by the Olympics. I find this tragic and fascinating.)

They Are Killers, California: Translations of native U.S. place names.

Betty Bowers explains traditional marriage to everyone else.

And, to conclude, the presumably short-lived Smoky the Bear substitute Rita Raccoon.

And, for the interested, my Google Reader public page.

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  1. If you like that Quimby cartoon then you will love Chris Ware's Acme Novelty Library.