Monday, June 22, 2009

I Am a Muay Thai Master! You Are Sucking Gravel!

Links of note, hopefully brightening your Monday.

Dave Eggers novelizes Where the Wild Things Are, gives it furry cover.

Hurricane Chow.

Pug Fight. (Via Spence)

The internal monologue of someone looking for Waldo.

The whitest movies of all time.

Geonames: Everything and everyone of note, in every language, but only if you scroll down to the bottom of the page. (Via Languehat.)

Some surprisingly beautiful video game paintings. (Via Joystiq.)

From Best Week Ever: The visual definition of “Why ask why?”

Fallen Princesses: Disney damsels gone bad.

Jill Uses Chopsticks, at least for the time being. And she reports on the trend of China’s open-bottom toddler pants.

The day seahorses first stood up.

A tribute to three minor stars of Scream 2: Portia de Rossi and each of her eyebrows.

Suspicious mint: the Wikipedia entry for “language of flowers.”

“Recently, there was an unfortunate incident in the petting zoo: A child tossed a baby duckling into a pen holding a sow, who promptly ate it.” (Via Kristen.)

Smoke monster from Lost to get own spin-off show, Where There’s Smoke.

Will Smith murdered Aunt Viv No. One, says Aunt Viv No. One.

The ten greatest video game crossovers.

Stephin Merritt is better than happy people.

A fairly effective savaging of ABC’s Twin Peaks rip-off Happy Town, with a fun bonus of a fairly plausible premise for a Twin Peaks “sequel” series.

Dude-a-Day does Venture Bros.

A happy ending to any meal: Kellogg’s Kaffee Hag coffee.

And, to finish, the very appealing video for “White Corolla,” by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.”

And, for the interested, my Google Reader public page.


  1. I saw "Caffè Hag" often in Italy... it seems it's an Italian brand but is often used just for "decaf".

  2. well, I like the youtube video, interesting.