Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Done in by the Kakerlakensarg

It’s not so much that the blogosphere suddenly demanded that I have an awareness of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! as much as it was the blogosphere just grabbed my face and rubbed my nose in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, as if it were somehow my fault. In any case, I acknowledge it as a thing — even if it seems to be inherently inferior to its German-language offshoot Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!. Wikipedia lists breakdowns of all four seasons of the Teutonic flavor of the show, even including all episode titles in both the original German and in English translations. The make for wonderful bits of syntax, these episode titles alluding to various unpleasant challenges that the Deutschland C-listers had to endure.

Peruse the titles and let your imagination run wild in that certain way that only the vague suggestion of German torture can allow. Bonus fun: Try pronouncing the German out loud. Yell it, even. Give your coworkers reason for concern.
  • Schlangengrube (“Snake Pit”)
  • Die Teufelsbrücke (“The Devilbridge”)
  • Kakerlakensarg (“Cockroach Coffin”)
  • Terroraquarium (“Terror Fish Tank”)
  • Hack-Attacke (“Hack Attack”)
  • Kaffeeklatsch in der Hölle (“Coffee Klatsch in Hell”)
  • Tunnel des Grauens (“Tunnel of Horror”)
  • Hosen voll (“In a Blue Funk” — figuratively, as the Wikipedia page notes)
  • Badewonne (“Bath Blissfulness”)
  • Teufelsfahrt (“Devil Ride”)
  • Auf die Folter gespannt (“Kept on Tenterhooks”)
  • Abenteuerlust: Abenteuer Australien (“Adventuresomeness: Adventure Australia”)
  • Unglücksrad, (“Wheel of Misfortune”)
  • Telefonterror (“Telephone terror”)
  • Mit Schwung in die Hölle (“With swing into the hell”)
  • Durchhaltevermögen: Tanz der Aale (“Stamina: Dance of Morays”)
The last one is by far my favorite, though I must say that Telefonterror strikes me as compelling because I can’t fathom how a show would set up a compelling challenge around telephones when it’s filmed in the Australian wilderness.

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  1. Anonymous1:51 AM

    My flatmate was oddly unenthusiastic about me bursting in at nigh two in the morning to encourage him to google "Teufelsfahrt" (“Devil Ride”) because I thought it was a funny sounding word.