Monday, May 11, 2009

Nowhere Near Pompeii

Through my office email, it was brought my attention that The New Yorker has linked to The Independent’s coverage of the Jesusita Fire. Allow me to excerpt the post titled “Pompeii on the American Riviera”:
My sister, Satya, lives several blocks from downtown, in a tiny bungalow safely proximate to the ocean. Everyone she knows in the city has either been evacuated or is housing refugees. She falls into the latter camp; her friend Tonya arrived, cat in tow, on Wednesday. When I asked Satya to describe the situation there, she told me that she’s “never been in such a dramatic, apocalyptic scene in my life” — this from someone who lived in post-tsunami Sri Lanka, and spent several months working in a Bogota prison.
Okay, that didn’t mention The Independent in the least, did it? And of course the author’s sister’s name is Satya, but doesn’t that sound exactly like how you might imagine The New Yorker might mention the latest fire to lick at Santa Barbara’s backside? It’s quite edifying to hear how the world beyond the central coast views Santa Barbara during crisis mode — which is to say Santa Barbara as it often is, sadly.

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