Friday, May 29, 2009

The Music You Hear When Skeletons Are Dancing

I could probably write a lot on the Bone Suckin’ Sauce brand of barbecue sauce.

However, I think the gist of it is that I can’t decide whether this is the best name ever or worst name ever for a food product. So what do we think? Did the people who name this know what they were doing? Or are they just innocent?


  1. You have a dirty mind. =p I never even thought of it that way, and you, Sir, have corrupted me. lol.

  2. Am I?

    I'm fairly certain it has occurred to those marketing this glop that their chosen brand name makes most people's mind going straight to the gutter.

    Of course, that's exactly how a dirty-minded person's brain would go about assessing the situation.

  3. I thought your reaction was to the explicit death/skeleton imagery! I must admit I didn't notice the sexual connotation until I read the comments - maybe because "bone" and "boner" aren't commonly used as sexual slang words in Ireland, though they are known well enough. American film and TV aside, mostly I've heard the euphemism used by people making a pun about Bono.

    As for its being the best or worst name ever for a food product, I saw some competition for that position yesterday.