Friday, May 15, 2009

Frannie von Furstinshow

In accordance with that age old saying, “Never let three weeks go by without updating your reads about how other people have found your blog,” I present you with the following post.
  1. Knowing what the Psychrolutes marcidus looks like, I shudder to think.
  2. Number one hit!
  3. Number one hit! And I have no clue on this one, but doesn’t “cereal killers tug dumbly” sound like the best possible acronym someone might come up with from your name?
  4. The number two hit. Though not the highest, this seems a lot higher than it should be.
  5. Number one hit! And a question that I feel people should not be searching online in order to answer.
  6. Number one hit!
  7. Number one hit! Though I should point out that I am fairly certain that boy being Googled is not me, despite what you may think.
  8. Q-tipping away enough brain cells that you think it sounds good.

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