Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cartoons Sharing a Common Outline

It happened again: The Fox Sunday night line-up had weird similarities.

Notably, on a night when both The Simpsons and Family Guy aired episodes consisting of parody vignettes — The Simpsons broke tradition and did four stories instead of three, each being centered around a famous woman, while Family Guy riffed on three Stephen King works — the story structure itself wasn’t the most unexpected parallel. No, it was the mentions of certain line of actresses that I’ve always maintained looked similar to the point that they could be related. On The Simpsons, Jodie Foster randomly played the voice of Maggie in the parody of The Fountainhead. Then Family Guy made a joke about carving lady parts out of stone that led to an inevitable knock against Helen Hunt. And then on American Dad, Steve was invited to a party that anyone could attend provided that they either brought beer or girls who were deemed to be prettier to Leelee Sobieski.

the pointy actress family

Given how far in advance these shows are written and then produced, it always weirds me out when this happens. Previous instances are noted here and here and here.

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