Thursday, April 16, 2009

St. Frankenstein’s Cake

The sad world that is my Twitter history, or “Twistory.”
I have a new respect for corn, all of a sudden… Will henceforth be tweeting only falsities, so as to throw Hasan and other Twitterstalkers off my trail… Will be spending tomorrow on an island, literally. Couldn't be happier about it… The seagull stench at Ventura Harbor is damn near overpowering… My Monday began with multiple dolphin sightings. That's a good Monday… Tried to reduce sunburn, got a great deal of aloe in eyes. Everything is now shiny and blurry, like a TV dream sequence… I listen to Husker Du as I edit news. I'm almost positive I'm not the only one who does this… Young Danielle Rousseau on Lost looks so much like Agnes it's actively distracting #lost… A new reason to despite American idol: It ran long this week, consequently my DVRed episode of Fringe to omit the final few minutes. Rage… Why is it that when someone's office computer desktop background gets switched to Celine Dion wallpaper, I immediately get blamed?... Ate a rabbit for dinner, making this the second Easter in a row to be celebrated with a rabbit's death. Hop hop… Also, on a related note, saw three rabbits on ride home from dinner. Easter-rama… And now I am seeing a bunch of crucified rabbits. This is getting downright eerie…
This is all you’ll get from a weekend post until Sunday night, as I’m down at or near Coachella — that is, at Coachella on Saturday, just near it yesterday and Sunday. Check the live account if you want to find out early if Jenny Lewis cage fights Joss Stone as promised.

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