Monday, April 27, 2009

Somewhere in Laredo

Points of interest deserving of shouts-out in the form of links:

A description of what it’s like to sit and float in a pool or mercury — though it lacks a matching description of what it’s like to die of mercury poisoning.

Via Cookie Jill, one of the better-done April Fool’s Day pranks I’ve heard of: BBC’s Great Spaghetti Harvest of 1957.

“Yo no quiero ser a fuckin’ abuela at thirty-nine.” (Via Spencer)

Matthew McConaughey apparently lacks the willpower to stand up on his own.

Pajiba’s review of the Beyonce Knowles-Ali Larter movie Obsessed. The piece is well-written and all but is particularly notable in that it notes the working title of the film was Oh Know She Didn’t.

The story of Jasmine the Motherly Greyhound, whose list of adopted “children” includes a fox, a rabbit, a fawn and an owl. In all: so touching I don’t even care if it’s the product of lies and Photoshoppery and some furtive scheme to steal my personal identification information, which it might be. Also, it’s responsible for giving us the image to the right. It just might be the greatest image ever.

Some amazing photos of the rare meteorological phenomenon known as “snow rollers,” which is exactly what it sounds like. (via Towleroad)

Standard-issue condoms are apparently too big for most Indian men. (via Co-Worker Ben)

Fritinancy sends up Maureen Dowd’s critical interview with the creators of Twitter with Maureen Dowd’s interview with the creators of the telephone.

Maria Bamford tells The Onion A.V. Club about her Facebook account being hacked by a Nigerian scam artist.

Arbogast on Film takes a look at the tendency for ghosts to plague the WASPishly named — and then offers a list of more racially diverse poltergeist victims he’d rather see.

Hi From Work says “Don’t go on vacation if you work here because bad things will happen to your desk.”

Look at This Fucking Hipster.

A Playboy journalist attempts to withstand fifteen seconds of waterboarding.

Club Silencio reminds us of the expressive capabilities of Laura Dern’s face. (And yes — the Look of Abject Horror from Blue Velvet is included.)

“They strapped him down, and then he was confronted by a mysterious floating ball.”

Press The Buttons offers a look as some official yet grotesquely off-model Super Mario Bros. art, and then some spot-on, nostalgia-inducing art that appeared further down the line.

Five facts you didn’t know about Bea Arthur. And then what five other grandmotherly actresses — including Betty White and Rue McClanahan — looked like during their heyday.

A band name that needs to happen: Sheela-na-Gig and the Hunky Punks.

Much-lauded high school quarterback appears to be sending the world subconscious messages in his list of colleges he’s considering. (via Co-Worker Chris)

Like an oxygen bar — only with gin.

And, finally, a little video titled “Disturbing Strokes,” which puts the footage to the opening credits of Diff’rent Strokes altered with creepy music.

The music apparently track comes from the The Dorm That Dripped Blood.


  1. I forget if I told you about this before: you NEED to watch Slavoj Zizek's Pervert's Guide to Cinema. You'd really like it, methinks.

  2. Thanks for the link. And as for Matthew McConaughey, I probably wouldn't be able to stand up straight if I'd been in Texas Chainsaw Massacre IV, either.

  3. Bri: It's not Netflix-able. Should I just buy it?

    Nathan: Zellweger was been able to stand on her own for some time, but I think that may be a result of an inflated sense of self-worth.