Sunday, April 26, 2009

Holding Out for a Tilde

Below is a snapshot that didn’t make it into my post with the Joshua Tree photos. This store stands just outside the entrance to Joshua Tree, either in Yucca Valley or Twentynine Palms. The store itself isn’t much different than any other such store that might dot the main street of any small Western U.S. town or the side street of a largish town.

324 001

It’s the store’s name that earned it a photo and a subsequent shout-out on this blog. I know what it means to say: the possessive of the surname Peña, like the actress Elizabeth Peña. However, that’s not how it looks, that little cajigger above the “N” notwithstanding. I laugh. And I can only imagine what kind of prank calls this place must get.

A lesson: Twenty-nine palms ain’t enough to be pretty. Shoot for thirty, at least.

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