Sunday, April 19, 2009

Death Stopped By, to Say Hello

Energy-wise, I’m nearly done for. Just because I managed to avoid crumbling a few times previous this weekend doesn’t mean I can continue to do so. Rather than write anything relevant of Coachella — or the third of it I saw, anyway — I’ll just repurpose what I put up this past weekend on my Twitter account. Joshua Tree photos to follow. The single insightful thing I had to say during the whole trip has been hyperlinked for your convenience.
Hello sea of windmills, you make me feel nostalgic… How stereotypically Palm Springs are our Coachella accommodations? Well, we're right next to Lawrence Welk's Desert Oasis… Scratch that: I feel like I am on the Golden Girls set. Cheesecake on the lanai?... That desert sun just hits you like a laser beam, doesn't it? Do people just not sleep in here?... Since we're not cool enough to have Friday tickets, we are going to see some guy named Josh Tree. I hope he has air conditioning… Why should Joshua Tree exclude from its maps a site with a name as attention-grabbing as The Hall of Horrors?... Also, whoever is in charge over at Joshua Tree should be fired. They have clearly neglected the plant life and caused it to grow all twisty… Why does Palm Springs have a Walgreens on every goddamn corner? Is it because old people need so many pills to stay alive?.... ''Remember, we're in the Itchy lot.''… Dr. Dog is more than one person, does not appear to be canine, probably does not have medical license. Disappointed… Lead singer of Superchunk looks like a dad, is wearing what looks like khakis. Weird… How can so many people with apparently good music taste make such terrible clothing choices?... TV on the Radio should really have opened with ''Staring at the Sun,'' given my view right now… TV on the Radio was amazing but not enough to deter us from leaving early to get a good spot for Fleet Foxes… Also, despite having no specific love for the actress who plays her, I have seen like six girls who look like Sierra from Dollhouse…. Fleet Foxes made my night. I am floored by how perfect their harmonies are. They make me want to run through fields…. York's new dance move involves motioning as though he were dramatically pulling Post It notes off his body. Try it at home!... Had a Red Bull cola. I am a hummingbird now. MIA now for a day minutes, then Jenny Lewis. #coachella… Never seen MIA perform live before. It's kind of like a drunk Fly Girl hi-jacked the set of In Living Color. #coachella… Jenny Lewis played a great, classy set. She is the anti-MIA, I realize… Brandon Flowers just asked the audience if they've ever been in love. I'm positive this just ruined the mood for some poor guy whose answered no… Aly just barefoot danced onto a fork…. Main stage display for ''All There Things That I Have Done'' is just alternating jumbo text of SOUL and SOLDIER. Doy, Killers. Doy… Killers put on a good show... by literally using fireworks and by shying away from a lot of their new stuff… Though it possibly results from me going to Coachella on Saturday only this year, this is my first time not running into anyone I know…With all apologies to The Replacements, I am supplementing my beer for breakfast with pancakes…
Typos have been corrected. Turns out the predictive text on my old school, first-generation Game Boy of a phone is more of a Dionne Warwick psychic than the Nostradamus kind.


  1. v pleased to find this 2nd on google when I google "death stopped by to say hello"