Monday, March 16, 2009

Reptile-Lidded Eyes

Tweeto ergo sum.
Was in Lens Crafters. In store radio played Somebody's Watching Me. Found this funny… I just now got the whole "If U Seek Amy" thing. Had to listen to it. Doy… If I start typing in a Wikipedia URL on work browser, the entry for "dugong" comes up first. No idea why. Can't remember ever looking it up… My green tea tastes suspiciously like dirt, which would not technically violate the package's claim of "natural taste."… Homeless man informed me my fly was down. Touche, homeless man… Dear Coachella: Adding Chemical Bros., Devendra Banhart, and some fools called Plump DJs doesn't make me want to go more… There has to be a rational way to get revenge on the streetsweeper and the parking tickets its weekly rounds bring about. There just has to… Editing. Taking words and folding them into space itself and hoping that some of the meaning of this omitted text remains, ghost-like… Walked by deli, heard owner mention that he was ''in a pickle.'' Amazing… The Office bit with Kelly's valentine from her dentist totally ripped off a joke from Mr. Belvedere… The similarity between "hoisin sauce" and "poison sauce" must have led to confusion, hilarity and possibly death at some point, I feel. The new girl on Lost is a dead ringer for Casey Wilson from SNL. Weird. #lost… My god. What I would give for a decent English-Malayalam dictionary. Who's with me on this one?
And, if you’re interested, the real deal.

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