Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Jealot’s Passion

My idiotic word quandary of the day: The word jeal should exist in English. Since zeal is the noun of zealous, then jeal should be the noun of jealous, for the sake of keeping things logical and concise. Why say jealousy when jeal could do the job? I know that logic and conciseness often don’t have a say as to why English is the way it is and that there’s no point in bemoaning the fact that a given word doesn’t work the way I think it should, but this nonetheless seemed important today.


  1. I totally agree with you on this! My "handle" on everything from Video Games to Internet Forums to Email Addresses has been "Jealot", or some combination of "Jealot" and another word, for years now.

    Just a note: I found out that in Europe and Canada, one of the ways to spell Zealot, is Jealot! And here I thought I had made up a word!


  2. Ha.

    Actually, now that you mention it and since you apparently know something about video games, do you know Chrono Trigger? One of the locations is a place called Zeal, but I can remember reading an article about --- written in English, but based on the Japanese version --- that spelled in "jeal." So apparently there is a good reason to confuse "jealous" and "zealous," but just not in English.

  3. Yeah, I know the game and the place in it that you speak of. I think I remember reading in a magazine that they had spelled it Jeal. Very interesting. =)