Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Geldegarde Monotoli

People arrive at my blog like a lion, but they leave like a lamb.
  1. Number one hit! (Tristan, was this you?)
  2. Because the regular comment boxes at your work just don’t blow your mind enough?
  3. Number one hit!
  4. Coins?
  5. Number one hit! (And it’s Stevi’s fault.)
  6. Number one hit!
  7. Number one hit!
  8. ... is a terrible idea. That’s how that sentence should end.
  9. Number one hit! (And it’s not entirely my fault.)
  10. A name so strange that it could be the title of one of these search results posts.
  11. An accurate search hit, though it’s not about the radio station. It’s actually about Santa Barbara’s out-of-control octopus problem. I can’t remember why I thought to write about it.
  12. Number one hit!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:13 PM

    I'm glad I helped you get a number one hit by misspelling hysterectomy. This tickles me to no end.

    And an addendum to the comment that got you this number one spot: I actually did see Crockett on film in Finn Taylor's The Darwin Awards. And it freaked me out. Because it wasn't just filmed in Crockett, but ON MY STREET!!!!! There's a scene of "Tacoma" that is shot looking downhill, filmed from three houses down from mine. See, that's just so weird it merits an outburst of recognition. And it didn't involve any unnecessary hysterectomies.