Thursday, February 12, 2009

Watching, Eagerly

While watching the extended Watchmen trailer during a DVRed episode of Fringe this morning, I had the following thoughts:

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The inevitable headline for article forecasting Watchmen’s box office potential: “Who will watch Watchmen?”

The inevitable headline for article commenting on how director Zack Snyder ruined what could have been a quality superhero film: “Who has botched Watchmen?”

A possible but unlikely blog post title for entry by a harried, comics-literate mom on the subject of cleaning up after her messy husband and sons: “Who will wash the Splotchmen?”

Inevitable gay porn spoof of Watchmen: Crotchmen. But who would watch that?

Also of note, since we’re on the subject is the following image. Look upon then, ye geeky, and despair.

image courtesy of

Damn near puts Watchmen Babies to shame.

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