Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Turn That Frown Into a Grimace

New Facebook feature


People who are either bored or procrastinating


  • Easily the most interaction I have ever had on Facebook, ever.
  • Still not completely sure how the Facebook “like” feature works or what its intention is.
  • Do not think I will actively use said feature
  • For those unclear, Spencer is Spencer. Molly is Molly. York is York. Shannon is perhaps the character making a repeat appearance on this blog after a longer hiatus than any other returning character.
  • I really need to upload a new Facebook photo, as the one I have now is mostly of Kristen and I keep thinking that all my comments are actually her speaking.
  • Kristen is Kristen.
  • No one, however, commented on the status update that I thought was actually amusing. It looked like this, more or less:

  • All the redacted last names stem from my pledge to protect the privacy of the people I mention on this blog... to an extent.
  • I wonder if the “like” feature will result in a user-modified version in which people can say that they “like” something or that they “like like” something.
  • You can chose to say whether you like the fact that other people accepting yet other people as friends. This will certainly turn ugly, in a very high school way.
  • I wonder how coincidental it might be that this feature debuted so close to February 14 and if we are supposed to use it for purposes of wooing.


  1. Anonymous6:45 AM

    2 points:

    - I wish you could have altered the names into the Victorian format of anonymity, e.g. Spencer A------.

    - If you redact someone's last name and then link to a photo that has it in the caption, are you highlighting the silliness of redaction?

  2. Apparently no one has asked the "Tales of Interest" narrator about this function.

    "You liked it! You can't UN-like it!"

  3. Oooh! I almost commented on the Powder Puff Girl status! but I didn't want to sound weird or awkward. I wanted to warn you about standing near flashing lights because you might give Japanese kids seizures.

  4. It's a "subscribe to this update" button. If you like someone's status, or item, you will be notified when other people comment on it. Except in the case of items posted by groups and things you are a fan of. (Since those usually get hundreds of comments.)

  5. Jason: Huh. I guess I never thought if that way.