Friday, February 06, 2009

Sanford D. Ingleberry

The search terms that led here, as of late and with lame ones excluded.
  1. Which, honestly, seems more likely than a pediatrician named Cookie Tashara.
  2. I feel like something like “Ow!” or “Ouch!” would work.
  3. Without knowing the last names of Jade and Ursula, I really could not answer. If it’s Jade Kleinhopf and Urusula Kusanagi you’re talking about, the answer is that Jade Kleinhopf puts out and Ursula Kusanagi is just a tease. But everyone knows that.
  4. It really should not be the case you are using the word nurple so much that you need a synonym. Re-examine your life.
  5. I am fairly certain there is a misspelling in this one.
And I have chosen not to sully my blog with the specifics, but this time of year has been particularly big for Googling the word sex — or, more just as often rape — and some combination of the following fictional characters: Ursula the sea witch, Princess Peach, Lucy from Peanuts, and Shirley the Loon.

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