Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Peacock Without Pride

I enjoy that my friends help keep my “Ha Ha — This Person’s Name” series. Just recently, Dansy sent in this clunker, which suggests famed TV detective Columbo but with more of an emphasis on the colon.

There’s also a bit of Geronimo in there to the point that this name may one day supplant Geronimo as the name we yell as we fall out of planes. And regardless of the long history the masculine name Ariel has, it doesn’t help that people like me associate it primarily with The Little Mermaid.

Then there’s what Sanam sent me:

It would be funnier if part of my dad’s family didn’t actually have the last name Peacock and if one of them didn’t have the first name Andrew, though I never realized before today that his name was only one syllable away from “droopy cock.” I guess I’d find it funnier still if I hadn’t nearly been saddled with the middle name Peter, which could have made my name “Drew P. Mackie.” Had it not been for a certain sagacious great-aunt, I would have been called “Droopy” all my life. I quite nearly could have shared this kid’s pain.

Despite what the series tag might imply, bad names are often not all that funny.


  1. Have I told you about my sister's name? (I know for a fact that I've told you I was kinda/sorta named after the lobsterhands woman.)
    Anyhow, my sister's name is Holly Jolie. She was named this long before the popularity of Angelina Jolie, so it was often confused as "Holly Jolly." She was born 4 days before Christmas.
    My mom says she never realized. My dad says he realized and thought it was funny, so he didn't say anything.

  2. Bri, I think I would have remembered this story. I knew about the lobsterhands woman, though that is certainly one worth repeating.

  3. Hello I was once know as drew peacock but My names now tyler peacock (im the kid in this article)