Sunday, February 22, 2009

Icarus Fights Medusa Angels

All I have to show from a renewed effort to Tweet in earnest.
The fuck? Magenta isn't a color, yet indigo still is? This is the "Pluto isn't a planet thing" all over again… Sure, you’re cooking, but are you cooking with smen? ( Not a typo… My blog is no longer the number one Google hit for "Gaylord Q. Tinkledink." And I must admit I'm a little miffed… Dropped cup of posole at Cantwells, resulting in red soup volcano erupting up into salad bar, tainting salad components. I tipped well… I am choosing to interpret the fact that 2009 has three Friday the 13ths as a good sign, though I have yet to see how my luck pans out…. Is it odd to anyone else that the name "Japan" comes from Dutch? Wouldn't it be better to call counties what their inhabitants do?... Went to eye doctor. Eyes dilated. Look like Powerpuff Girl… Random upswing in spam from Friendster teaches me one thing: It is really time to delete my long-neglected Friendster account… I cannot decide who is the more unlikely member of the Big Lebowski cast: Tara Reid or Aimee Mann…
Twitterverse response so far: tepid.

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