Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wake From Your Dream With a Wolf at the Door

Note: One of the two parties involved in the below conversation about a certain adolescent detective may be using a pseudonym.
Rodham A. Poliobrace: i had the most wonderful dream. veronica mars and i were slowly falling in love while i helped her with her cases. it was such a disappointment to wake up.

me: oh, i hate those. but what a fun afterschool activity for you, walking around with a magnifying glass and whatnot

Rodham A. Poliobrace: mhmm. mostly i think i just brought her clients, but every time i saw her, i looked dreamily into her eyes and she into mine

were you actually just her secretary?

Rodham A. Poliobrace: sex secretary. although i didnt get to that part of the dream, sadly

me: next time you have it, ask her for a job description. i'm curious to know exactly what your duties were

Rodham A. Poliobrace: will do.
The Veronica Mars movie, by the way, would seem to be a go — or at least more of a go now than it was previously.

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