Friday, January 30, 2009

Crystal, Amber and Corvette

This blog and how they found it.
  1. Either a mispelling of Yul Brynner or something in which one makes Christmas pickles.
  2. An Arrested Development pun that I somehow did not get until years after I first saw this particular episode.
  3. To make it a special birthday for that special missus.
  4. A good question. Whether it refers to his skeletal system of something far worse, I would rather not know.
  5. Not too sure on this one, but I suspect that this person was actually searching for info on Tessa/Tabasa — a character who is actually from the Capcom game Red Earth but who looks a lot like she might be from the Capcom game Darkstalkers. It should also be said, however, that this post marks the first time Tessa/Tabasa has ever been mentioned on this blog, so this hit was erroneous, regardless.
  6. Number one hit, though I cannot begin to tell you what this might mean.
  7. Okay, I know some of the search terms I list on these posts tend to stretch plausibility. But this one is 100 percent real, I swear. And on Canadian Google, no less. This is probably my favorite Google hit ever. And, in answer to this person’s question, I must say that dumb people get mocked because they spell the word smart with a “p.”
  8. No clue on this one. The searcher was either looking for the letter that makes the noise “ssssssssssss” or the actual sound of cereal itself, in which case the answer would be “crunch.”
  9. No, this is my favorite Google hit ever. Also, I sure hope the answer is zero.

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