Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Zelda Zonk

As we approach this holiday season, what better way to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas than examining how people arrived at this blog?
  1. Stop looking at my blog and see a doctor.
  2. No.
  3. The number one hit! And a means of reminding myself that the first post I put up this year was a review of Atonement.
  4. Yes and yes. And presumably Mario will one day play badminton, jai alai, vigoro, and quidditch.
  5. I suppose that depends on what part of the country you come from and how much you enjoy being wrong. My say: three.
  6. Sally. Unless you mean the unpopular, never-seen one, in which case the answer is Gert.
  7. No, Hair is a musical.
  8. In a word, they are crappy.
  9. Number one hit, for no apparent reason.
  10. I think they meant to type this, though I wonder how they ended up with that typo.

1 comment:

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