Monday, December 29, 2008

Like Milk to You, Half-Swedish and Half-Asian

Did you ever wonder what posts have gotten the most comments here? Because I have. But now I know. And by the end of this post, you will too.

Provided that I am telling the truth.
  1. “Dark Socks Beneath By Goody Two Shoes” (21)
  2. “Naming Conventions in Arrested Development,” (18)
  3. “Shells But No Bananas: The Women of Mario Kart (17)
  4. “The Simpsons Intro: What You Don’t See” (14)
  5. “Soy Cansado, Pero No Estoy Cansado”; “What the Fuck Is Wrong With Gail Simmons?”; “The Loco-Motion: The Greast Swindel in Pop Music History”; “Don’t Cock This One Up” (12 each)
  6. “Box Full of Puppies”; “Humoresque of a Little Dog”; “Deadly Youth” (11 each)
  7. “Who Killed Bill?” (10)
  8. “Plucking Daisies” (9)
  9. “Candlabras in a Wonderbra”; “‘Dickie,’ for Short?”; “Fresh Out of the Toaster”; “Well-Envoweled”; “Juno’s Subtle Racist Slip-Up”; “Your Beat Is Nice”; “Method Acting in Reverse”; “Belated Christmas Present From Sanam”; “Resourceful Ninja Secretary”; “Sea Salt and Smoked Tea”; “The Eternal Harvest”; “Why Roy G. Biv Ruined Everything”; “My Dichotic Soul” (8 each)
Lesson learned: I have a surprisingly lot of posts that have so far elicited eight comments — like, way more than I have had posts with seven or six comments. Odd.

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